What We Can Learn About Manufactured Housing Communities

Paul Barretto

Manufactured housing communities are attracting more attention as our nation deals with the growing cost of homeownership and rental housing. Modern communities are a more affordable alternative to apartment living and are designed to support the lifestyles and needs of their residents.

Keeping communities vital, attractive, and affordable, on the other hand, is challenging. Community managers will tell you about the difficulties they are facing with aging infrastructure, costly replacements, and prohibitive zoning ordinances preventing their growth. Residents are concerned about the rising costs of utilities, maintenance, and rent making their homes less affordable. And equity investors and REITs are buying family-owned communities with a desire for high returns on their investment.

Mark Roady, president of MAR Companies, owners of multiple communities, and president of the Manufactured Housing Community Owners of Arizona will provide perspective and insight on the promises and challenges of manufactured housing communities. Join us on Wednesday, October 20th, for our webinar, “The Truth About Manufactured Housing Communities.” 


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