LearnMH Webinar Recap: The Crocodile Brain and Manufactured Housing

Paul Barretto

With a Ph.D. in Conflict, Analysis, and Resolution, and experience in high-level negotiations in the Middle East, George Ewing — a senior executive overseeing the national sales efforts at TAMMAC — understands the importance of how the brain works and the opportunities it opens up for success. Given the challenging demand for housing in our nation, the economic challenges of inflation, and the changing nature of the manufactured housing industry, it was the perfect time to engage George in discussion to gain insight into what he refers to as the ‘crocodile brain’ and how it can be the key to success regardless of your role in manufactured housing or any housing industry.  

Recognized for his wit, high energy, and engaging nature, George delivered what some would consider graduate-level concepts in understandable terms to be successful in managing your relationships. Whether you are selling, providing financial services, transporting, installing, or in any other role in manufactured housing, and you deal with people, understanding how the brain works plays an important part in communicating and being more effective in what you do. Of the three major parts of the brain, the crocodile or reptilian part of the human brain is the most basic. It makes three basic decisions: eat (or consume), kill (or discard), and mate (or partner/find use). Recognizing that everyone has a crocodile brain, gives us the opportunity to reach the ‘mate/partner/find use’ decision and avoid the others. Once you get past the crocodile brain, it’s important to have a process for success that can be followed and measured. 

Another important concept introduced was the ZOPA, or zone of possible agreement, which is the bargaining area where both parties find common ground. It only exists in areas where both parties’ expectations are in agreement. For example, if a salesperson at the sales center and the potential homebuyer have an understanding of the sales price and features desired when searching for a manufactured home, that understanding is the ZOPA. While the concepts and terms George shared come from his experience as a facilitator and analyst in the Middle East, he shows why they are essential for success in manufactured housing and other housing industries. 
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