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Our focus on sales training and education goes beyond just individual growth—it’s about transforming the industry’s brand identity. We equip professionals with the knowledge and skills essential for selling more homes and achieving excellence in sales. By improving sales processes and customer experiences, we not only boost individual success but also elevate the industry’s image. Through our comprehensive resources, including training modules, merchandising insights, and CRM implementation guidance, we pave the way for enhanced sales performance. With a strong commitment to nurturing sales proficiency, we empower professionals to play a pivotal role in building a better brand and driving success through increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Lead Generation

If you’re looking to amplify the quality and quantity of your leads beyond what your team can manage, it might be time to enhance your marketing strategy. Our approach begins with a thorough assessment of your current lead generation methods, identifying areas for improvement and streamlining your processes for maximum efficiency.

As a branch of ManufacturedHomes.com, we bring unparalleled expertise in the factory-built housing market to the table. Our proficiency in website development, cutting-edge video production, and advanced lead-generation systems sets the industry standard, ensuring that your marketing efforts yield optimal results.

Lead Conversion

“Nothing happens until somebody buys something.” Technology has had a monumental impact on the way our prospective buyers think, shop, and buy. Consequently, we have had to adjust the way we have to sell. Unfortunately, our industry still implements sales strategies and methods developed in the mid-1980s, which not only isn’t optimum for selling to today’s buyers but are counterproductive, meaning these methods drive buyers away. To maximize sales, a Selling System must be in place and fully and consistently implemented. Such a selling system must reflect current consumer behavior, build relationships with prospects long before they arrive at the sales center, and work hand-in-hand with an efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Lead management

All leads come at a cost, typically referred to as your Lead Acquisition Cost. Whether they are e-leads generated by your internet presence, call-in leads, or walk-in leads, they are all bought and paid for by you. It is critical to your current and future success that these leads be managed before, during, and after they have visited your sales center or your community. Without the support of a CRM system, effective and efficient lead management is simply impossible. Today’s leads are tomorrow’s sales if they are correctly and consistently managed.

Core Sales Competencies Assessment

At the heart of our approach lies the CORE SALES COMPETENCIES ASSESSMENT, an indispensable tool designed to illuminate the path to sales excellence. This isn’t just an evaluation; it’s the foundation from which sustainable success is built. We meticulously identify the skill sets essential for your team’s roles, ensuring they’re equipped not just to compete, but to excel.

Our assessment is a blend of realism and optimism. We uncover and celebrate your team’s strengths, pinpointing exactly what they do best, which is as crucial as identifying areas for growth. Recognizing their mastered skills provides the positive reinforcement needed to tackle the challenges ahead.

But we don’t stop at applause; we’re committed to growth and excellence. We reveal where your team shines and where they can shine brighter, guiding them with the robust support necessary to enhance those critical skills that require attention. This isn’t about pointing fingers—it’s about raising the bar.

Sales Management System

The brutal reality is that 95% of all MANAGERS spend less than 5% of their time driving sales-related activities. The reason for this phenomenon isn’t because they’re either lazy or too busy, it is because they simply don’t know how. They lack an efficient and effective Sales Activity Management System by which they can keep their sales team focused on the highest probability prospects. This fact alone costs your organization more sales than you will ever care to admit. Our system gives managers the necessary sales activity data daily and thereby allows them to guide their sales team in just a few minutes per day.


More than simply decorating your homes, a comprehensive merchandising strategy involves how your homes are displayed on the center by size and price points, and the décor packages, options, and upgrades shown in each of the models. Merchandising includes the critical path or the experience the potential buyer undergoes as they go from the parking lot through your office, your homes, and back to their car. Understanding this path is critical to your sales performance.

Training and support

We offer all of our training in various formats ranging from TOP TIPS for Selling More Homes, to online video conferences to more comprehensive self-guided video programs and one-on-one coaching. The bottom line, we support you in the most effective and efficient manner possible. If you’re unsure as to what your needs might be and in what priority, ask us about our FREE Business Process Assessment.


Effective marketing is about clarity and placement: sharpening your message and ensuring it’s seen by the right audience. We assess where your brand will shine the brightest and chart the course to get you there.

Our strategy combines the latest digital marketing techniques with time-tested traditional methods, capturing your audience’s attention and converting interest into sales. With data at the helm, we quickly adapt to evolving market trends to keep you at the forefront.
Partner with us to amplify your visibility and sell more homes. Together, we’ll make your brand the one buyers see — and choose.

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