Comprehensive training and educational resources to empower industry professionals and drive home sales success

Our core mission is to ensure the essential systems for boosting home sales and space leasing.

Who We are

Elevating our industry's brand: sales excellence at the core

LearnMH is a collaborative effort among industry professionals who share a common vision. Our mission is to strengthen the industry’s brand identity through education, marketing, and process refinement. Leveraging our extensive experience in the manufactured and modular housing sector, we firmly recognize that a robust sales process and the ability to sell more homes are pivotal in crafting a positive brand image. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve this by providing the education and tools necessary to excel, ensuring not only customer satisfaction but also your success in selling more homes.

WHat we do

Our experience fuels your sales success

As an industry, we take great pride in not only delivering superior housing solutions but also in owning the very essence of ‘affordable housing.’ However, despite this accomplishment, it’s a sobering reality that factory-built housing represents less than 10% of all new housing starts in the US. Nevertheless, together, we possess the transformative power to drive substantial change. In the realm of sales training, systems, and processes, we recognize the utmost importance of strategic excellence. Through comprehensive sales training, targeted public engagement, elevated customer experience management, and strategic marketing, we aim to significantly expand the community of homeowners who opt for factory-built housing over traditional construction methods. Our team of seasoned experts, specializing in fine-tuning sales processes, systems, and training, collaborates with unwavering dedication to lead the charge in growing our industry from its very foundation

How we do it

Transforming your sales systems for explosive growth

At LearnMH, our primary mission centers on elevating sales excellence within the factory-built housing industry. We recognize the unique challenges faced by retail dealers and community operators: from generating a steady flow of qualified leads to converting those leads into buyers or tenants and effectively managing acquired leads. Our unwavering commitment is dedicated to these core aspects of sales.

With LearnMH’s tailored sales-focused training and support, you gain the confidence and expertise needed to navigate the complexities of the factory-built housing market, ultimately achieving sales excellence that propels your retail dealership or community operation to new heights.

Lead acquisition mastery

To succeed, your sales organization must consistently receive a surplus of high-quality leads. We assess and enhance your marketing strategies, ensuring your sales team is equipped with a steady stream of valuable leads.

Strategy Development

A cohesive sales strategy is paramount in supporting your company’s overarching goals. Collaborating with you, we transform strategic priorities into a robust manufactured home sales strategy and action plan for achieving profitable growth.

Lead conversion strategies

The true measure of success begins with converting leads into buyers or tenants. We meticulously evaluate and refine your sales processes and activity management to optimize your lead conversion rates.

Effective lead management

Timely follow-ups, appointment scheduling, and prospect management are crucial for closing deals. We assist you in evaluating and enhancing your lead management efforts, leaving no opportunity unexplored.

Sales philosophy

Effective sales coaching is a nuanced art. We guide you through best practices, including effective questioning, focus, and accountability, to empower your sales team’s performance by facilitating and upholding accountability.

Industry Expertise Sharing

We bring together some of the industry’s brightest minds to share insights and collaborate on effective sales strategies, ensuring your sales efforts align with industry best practices and success stories.

Where do we start?

Business process assessment, unlocking efficiency and effectiveness

For many retail dealers and community owners/operators, a Business Process Assessment can be the ideal starting point for continuous improvement. In simple terms, our team conducts a comprehensive review of critical systems within your organization, including:

Your marketing systems

Examining the lead generation process, including your website and other marketing channels.

Your selling system

Analyzing how your sales team handles leads, schedules appointments, showcases homes, and converts prospects into committed buyers.

Your Sales Activity Management System

Evaluating how managers measure and manage sales-related activities to ensure optimal transaction closure rates.

Your Lead Management system

Reviewing the process for tracking internet leads, call-in leads, or walk-in leads, from initial contact through post-visit.

Your Sales Team's Core Competencies

Assessing the proficiency of your sales team in the core competencies essential for manufactured home sales.

Upon completion of the assessment, we provide you with a comprehensive report, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for improvement in your systems. Additionally, we offer a list of available resources to address any shortcomings. This service is entirely free of charge and comes with no obligation or commitment.

Why choose us

Elevating the factory-built housing experience

In our pursuit to propel the factory-built housing industry forward, we recognize the paramount importance of delivering a superior customer experience from the very first interaction with our industry. LearnMH offers accessible video programs, encompassing training in sales processes, sales management, leadership, CRM implementation, marketing, merchandising, and more. Our mission is to make comprehensive training and support programs available to all industry professionals anytime, anywhere.

Where to find sales mastery