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LearnMH is a collaboration of like-minded industry professionals. Our focus is forging a powerful industry brand identity through education, marketing, and process improvement. Decades of working first hand in the manufactured housing industry has given us unparalleled insight when it comes to pushing our collective brand forward. We know that the answer to eliminating misaligned public perception and nurturing a strong, positive identity lies in higher education, training, and a unified marketing effort.

A positive brand is a precious thing. No matter how big or small, it is the essence of an industry and should be treated with care, like the living, dynamic entity that it is. There has never been a better time to get involved. Our goal is to unify this brand identity and collaborate to deliver our message on a national scale.


Industry Association Support

Trade associations have always been a key stakeholder for our industry's legislation efforts. These are places where unified marketing messages can be promoted, shared, and acted upon. We can increase these associations' marketing footprint by providing resources to help them become more sustainable.

A True Sales Process

Most organizations in our industry lack a formal sales process. No matter the age or size of your business, a real sales process will directly impact the sustainability of your business, and ultimately the industry as a whole. By improving the customer experience, we ultimately elevate our entire industry image. The first step is collectively adopting a proven sales process.

Certification Programs

Branding is often taken for granted instead of leveraging its value to promote a unique value proposition. We want to help stand out from the competition by promoting courses and certification programs. Education and process development should be considered as a core part of any industry's strategic development - all these things have a significant impact on reputation.

Corporate Responsibility

Marketing science has insofar devoted limited attention to the importance of brand image in terms of corporate perception. Our research addresses the question of whether industry images determine corporate images. If so, which variables moderate the effect? The results demonstrate that corporate brand image is indeed determined by the industry image, and that this is moderated by involvement and knowledge about the specific corporation.

Sales Philosophy

Successful sales coaching is a process that has many nuances. By following best practices - effective questioning, focus, and holding your sales people accountable - you stand the best chance as a coach to improve your sales team's performance. The power of effective coaching is based on the belief that the sales rep has the answers and the coach's role is one of facilitation and upholding accountability. LearnMH provides the key resources to drive sales performance.

Sales Strategy Development

A sales force is only as effective as its ability to support the overarching company strategy. But as companies grow, many have problems converting strategic priorities into a proven manufactured home sales strategy and action plan that the organization can use to produce profitable growth. We have assembled some of the best minds in our industry to share and collaborate on effective strategy development & execution.


The collective voice of our industry, whether multi-location manufacturer, or independent retailer, matters to the Government-sponsored enterprises, like Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. We strive in creating an educational platform to ensure awareness & actionable implementation that includes input from a broad range of industry voices.


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August 10: Keeping up with the rapidly changing market

Guest speaker: Kurt Kelley, Publisher at Manufactured Housing Review

Join us for a series of informational webinars to help you “Manufacture Success in 2022.” and are presenting an informative educational series addressing today’s industry challenges. This recurring web series will include industry experts sharing their insights, experiences, and thoughts to help you navigate today’s changing landscape.

August 10, 2022

11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM EST


No charge

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