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Pushing the industry forward, together

LearnMH.com is a collaborative effort where the main goal is to improve the image of the manufactured housing industry. We do this by unifying in a concentrated marketing effort that promotes a strong, positive brand. This is accomplished through strategic partnerships, higher education, sales training, and ongoing strategy development. Our team of experts have years of experience in sales, marketing, technology, Customer Relationship Management, and manufactured housing. Our team has chosen to give back in an effort to push the industry forward. Take a look at upcoming manufactured housing events, read educational manufactured housing articles on our blog, or visit our factory-built housing videos page to learn more.

We Do


Collaboration of experienced like-minded industry professionals dedicated to affecting positive change in the factory-built housing industries serving all aspects of the industry.

Elevate Our Brand

A focus on forging a powerful industry brand identity through promotion, education, marketing, consulting, and process improvement.

Attract Talent

Grow the industry, to attract and retain workforce talent, and address present and future opportunities.

Train & Educate

Strategic partnerships, information sharing, training and development, event promotion and execution, and ongoing strategy development —  accomplished together.


John Ace Underwood

Executive Director, LearnMH.com

Scott Stroud

CRM Program Director, MhCRM.com

Chris Nicely

President, ManufacturedHomes.com & ModularHomes.com

Rick Robinson

EVP of Industry Relations, ManufacturedHomes.com


Albert Lopez

Senior Director, LearnMH

Jimmy Hegeduis

Executive Vice President of Client Relations

Gary Fleisher

The Mod Coach

George Talavera

Assistant Vice President of Sales & Operations

Lanie Snell

Lanie Snell

Director of Marketing, ManufacturedHomes.com

Dustin Arp

Owner, Spark Homes Texas

Duston Curtsinger

Duston Curtsinger

Owner, Arkansas Home Center