Top Tips

For Selling More Homes

The best sales advice and tactics from many of the best sales professionals in the manufactured and modular housing industry.

Top Tips For Selling More Homes

Top Tips For Selling More Homes are the best sales advice and tactics from many of the best sales professionals in the manufactured and modular housing industry. These are not simply the thoughts and ideas of one person, but rather these are the strategies that I have observed the best salespeople implement every day over our 30+ years as a national sales and sales management trainer. These are the selling strategies that have made others extremely successful and the sales tactics they want to share with you.


Introduction to Top Tips for Selling

John Ace Underwood, Executive Director of LearnMH, has a 35-Year background in the Factory-Built Housing industry, focusing on sales, sales management, and leadership development. TOP TIPS are the best practices he has discovered during his career and the things that most successful salespeople in our industry do to all but guarantee their success.


Building Rapport

Building rapport is often the most misunderstood and overlooked part of the sales process. Yet, it is the most critical because it sets the stage for everything that is to follow. Learn why, when, & how to build rapport by watching the video!


The Critical Process Introduction

Educating the customer is critical to your success, as we all know. Before you can educate your prospective buyer on your product, they need to be educated on the process by which you have helped others find just the right home. Make sure you educate the customer about your process before you educate them about your product.


PROCESS - The Foundation For Successful Selling

“No one has ever done anything consistently well without having a process, being a student of that process, and being committed to that process.” John Ace Underwood, explains why understanding the process is critical to the sales process. Watch the video to learn more about the Foundation of Successful Selling!


Scheduling the Next Step

If your schedule isn't filled with interested, viable prospects, then you need to watch this video. John Ace Underwood explains THE NEXT STEP and the astounding impact it can have on your sales results.


The Prospect Interview

Salespeople in the factory-built housing industry often fail to ask enough questions, the right questions, or the right questions in the right order. John Ace Underwood provides the right questions to ask in the order which the client can follow and one that will lead to a mutually beneficial result.


Making Your Presentation Compelling

Nothing torpedoes a sale quicker than a monotone, boring, and lackluster product presentation. John Ace Underwood, gives insight into the ONLY thing that will make your sales presentation compelling.


Control Your Buyer - Fact or Myth?

For the last 50 years, sales professionals have been taught that they must "Control the Buyer" from the moment they first meet. Clinical Psychologists have discovered that this does not only not work, but could actually undermine your sales effort. Learn why & what to do about it.


Sales Presentations End in the Office

One challenge many salespeople face is how to gracefully get your prospective buyer back to your office, where all presentations should end. Here is a foolproof method by which you can get EVERY prospect back to your office without hesitation.