Top Tips

For Selling More Homes

The best sales advice and tactics from many of the best sales professionals in the manufactured and modular housing industry.

Top Tips For Selling More Homes

Top Tips For Selling More Homes are the best sales advice and tactics from many of the best sales professionals in the manufactured and modular housing industry. These are not simply the thoughts and ideas of one person, but rather these are the strategies that I have observed the best salespeople implement every day over our 30+ years as a national sales and sales management trainer. These are the selling strategies that have made others extremely successful and the sales tactics they want to share with you.


John Ace Underwood, Executive Director of LearnMH, has a 35-Year background in the Factory-Built Housing industry, focusing on sales, sales management, and leadership development. TOP TIPS are the best practices he has discovered during his career and the things that most successful salespeople in our industry do to all but guarantee their success.


“No one has ever done anything consistently well without having a process, being committed to that process, and being a student of that process.”
Underwood discusses the irrefutable need for a process IF consistent success is the objective.


In this video, Underwood reveals the theory of controlling your buyer and if it is harmful or helpful. DO NOT SKIP or IGNORE THIS VIDEO!


Most people know that building rapport is critical, but few actually know how and when to build rapport. Here’s how to do it and when to do it.

Introducing your CRITICAL PROCESS

Your buyers want and need to know the process by which you have helped others find just the right home. They need to know this isn’t your first rodeo.

EFFECTIVE INTERVIEWS, Getting the Right Information

The information you gather during the interview is what will give energy to your sale. Underwood reveals how to get the information you need quickly and consistently. (We will also provide you the appropriate forms should you need them.)

Phrases that KILL SALES

Even though they may sound completely innocent, there are a few things you NEVER want to say to a customer. It’s about being indispensable instead of irrelevant.

Fears, Doubts, Worries, Concerns, and Obstacles

Just as sure as buyers have dreams and desires, all of those being reasons they WOULD buy, they also have reasons why they WOULD NOT buy, and you have to know both.


While this may contradict everything you’ve ever learned about building value, there is brilliance in brevity. Shorten your presentation and increase your deposits. Underwood discusses why.

A COMPELLING Presentation

Nothing destroys value like a boring, drawn-out presentation. Underwood teaches you how to make your home presentation irresistible.

Using a T/O

Using a T/O (a.k.a. turnover) is extremely productive IF it is executed correctly. Unfortunately, 99% of the time, it is not. Underwood discusses the ins and outs of using a T/O

ALL Presentations end in the OFFICE

Never let a prospect leave your center or your community without coming back to the office before they leave. Underwood discusses why.


Getting a deposit from a buyer is made out to be MUCH more difficult than it needs to be. Underwood discusses a foolproof method for getting a deposit.


Buying a home is a PROCESS, not an EVENT. It is up to the Professional Housing Consultant to keep that process moving forward. Underwood discusses how to stay connected with your buyer.

Follow UP vs. Follow THRU

Your buyers judge you by your behavior. Underwood discusses why and how follow-through is even more important than follow-up.