LearnMH Webinar Recap: What Do MHI and LearnMH Have in Common?

Paul Barretto

What does the President of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), the Publisher of MH Insider, and LearnMH have in common? A strong belief that the manufactured housing industry is being called upon to do more for the U.S. housing market than ever before. Mark Bowersox, MHI’s president, and Patrick Revere, MHInsider’s publisher, joined us for our LearnMH webinar on The State of Manufactured Housing Industry this month. 

MHI is the largest trade association for our industry and serves to make sure manufactured housing is recognized as an important part of our nation’s housing. MH Insider is our industry’s leading periodical and serves to provide content to its readers that promote manufactured housing, shares best practices, and draws attention to the success and challenges facing our industry. Coming off last week’s National Congress & Expo and last month’s Biloxi MH Expo, a discussion regarding the state of our industry seemed fitting, and it was. 

Our industry is facing the same supply chain, talent and labor, and inflationary pressures impacting other industries, particularly those related to housing. Our manufacturers have reduced their product offerings to manage these challenges and continue producing new homes as housing demand continues to climb. However, don’t be fooled into thinking our industry is limited. Despite what is a frustrating situation, there’s consensus that these are good problems to have and there is a lot of optimism when talking about the next three to five years and beyond.  We have an advantage. The HUD Code that governs manufactured housing provides an inherent benefit in producing new homes more efficiently and affordable in comparison to modular construction and site-built housing with the potential scale once supply, labor, and inflation normalize. 

CrossMod, MH Advantage™, and CHOICEHome-eligible housing are the industry’s big bet for the future, as they are designed to grow market share beyond the 9% of housing we’re limited to today by attracting a greater share of the homebuying population. There are already a growing number of subdivisions using CrossMod homes instead of site-built or modular homes. We are seeing new communities and expansion of existing ones featuring homes and amenities offering a lifestyle aligned with the new homebuyers’ tastes and preferences. Our industry is evolving despite today’s challenges, which many believe are temporary.  

For more information on the topics covered by our guests and their thoughts on the state of our industry, watch the full conversation via an encore replay. 

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