The Modular Home Builders Association (MBHA) Is On The Move

Paul Barretto

As the housing gap in our nation continues to grow, expect to see innovation, process improvement, and technology play a greater role in the efforts to address this challenge. Innovation, process improvement, and technology are key drivers fueling the growth of the Modular Home Builders Association (MBHA). If you haven’t heard of the MBHA, you will as they represent the residential modular home builders in the housing industry. Modular home construction is gaining popularity and traction in the new home market as it leverages innovation, process efficiency, and technology that come with off-site manufacturing. 

What makes the association valuable to its members is its ability to help them develop and grow by sharing best practices, training, and addressing the challenges facing the residential modular construction industry. At their recent annual meeting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the board of directors highlighted its membership growth despite the challenges from the pandemic and the opportunities to bring greater awareness of the benefits of the association. Tom Hardiman, C.A.E. serves as the executive director of the MBHA and has evolved the organization leveraging the collaborative nature of its board to attract and mentor its new members. 

In addition to serving as a forum for its members to work together fostering innovation and the exchange of information, the MBHA advocates for local and national public policies that are inclusive of residential modular construction, and increase awareness among consumers. As the housing industry continues to struggle to create more new housing, modular construction is in an important position to demonstrate its strengths and ability to scale production. MBHA is the organization that enables its manufacturers, builders, and suppliers to be successful in today’s housing market. Visit for more information and benefits to being a member. 
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