Retaining, Recruiting, and Developing Talent – One Year Later

Paul Barretto

It’s been over a year since our first LearnMH webinar, “Retaining, Recruiting, and Developing Talent,” as part of our series on thriving during COVID-19. When we hosted the webinar in July 2020, our country was faced with uncertainty from a virus that began earlier in the year and quickly spread. Many of us were still in lock-down to slow the contagion as vaccines were not available. Businesses that could continue to operate, did so by either transitioning to remote work, or very reduced staff, and that was only if your industry was considered essential. The other businesses were forced to close their doors temporarily, or permanently. As many as 42 million Americans (56%) were forced into unemployment according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

Fast forward to today, and we’re still dealing with the pandemic. Vaccinations were introduced this summer and our nation is learning to deal with COVID-19 in hopes of finding the new normal. As of September 2021, around 7.7 million people (4.8%) were unemployed. However, businesses and industries are not only struggling to attract new talent but also retaining their existing talent. The impact on the housing industry has been troublesome given the tremendous demand for housing highlights the need for new skilled workers. The opportunity for manufactured housing to play a more significant role in the market is hindered by the need for talent. 

As an industry what can we do? To help answer that, we’re hosting a LearnMH webinar, “A Modern Angle on Workforce Solutions,” on November 17th at 2PM ET, 11AM PT to help address the question. We’re bringing in the Executive Directors of two manufactured housing state associations recognized as thought leaders on the subject and two additional guests with perspectives and experience to make for an engaging discussion.


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Paul Barretto is the Executive Director for LearnMH where he is responsible for the organization’s growth and strategic development as a resource for positive change in the offsite factory-built housing industry.
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