A New MH Advantage™ Resource for Retailers

Paul Barretto

There’s a new generation of manufactured housing that’s gaining momentum. With features typical of site-built single-family homes that blend into new and existing neighborhoods and communities, consumers are drawn to these more affordable homes based on their value, quality, and amenities.

To encourage growth, MH Advantage™ was introduced as a solution to offer 30-year low-interest fixed-rate financing with as little as 3% down payment, which increases the affordability of these new homes. As a result of increasing consumer interest, retailers are searching for resources to help them understand the value and opportunities that come with selling MH Advantage-eligible homes.

ManufacturedHomes.com has created such a resource pulling together the useful tools and an approach that can help retailers open up a new base of customers by combining homes that are to fit anywhere with affordable financing. To take advantage of this important resource, click the button below to learn more!


About Paul Barretto

Paul Barretto is the Executive Director for LearnMH where he is responsible for the organization’s growth and strategic development as a resource for positive change in the offsite factory-built housing industry.
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