Process: The Foundation of Successful Selling

John Ace Underwood

One of the most profound observations I have made in my career as a consultant and performance coach for sales professionals is this:

“No one has ever done anything consistently well without having a process, being a student of that process and being committed to that process.”

Think about anything you or anyone else you know that does anything exceptionally well. Whether it’s golf, cooking, fishing, gardening, or any other vocation or avocation. Those that excel at literally anything, all have one thing in common. They have a PROCESS by which they do it. They practice what they do, and they think about their chosen endeavor frequently. It is often said that people tend to become good at that which they think about most often.

Selling is no different. The top salespeople I have worked with over the years were passionate about all three requirements. Without that passion and commitment, it would have been difficult to help them elevate their skill level. Those salespeople who were not passionate and committed, were, quite simply, never on top. I’m not saying they didn’t make a living, but they never made the kind of living they could have.

Being on the sales side of the factory-built housing industry can be one of the most rewarding career choices anyone can make. What other industry are you aware of where a person with even a high school education can earn in excess of $150,000 annual income, while helping others with one of the largest, most important and impactful purchases of their lives?

As you may have guessed, I personally didn’t invent selling, but I have spent most of my career in sales as a salesperson, a consultant and performance coach. For the last 35 years, I simply had the opportunity to watch what people do that works and watch what didn’t work. I had the distinct honor or watching some of the most credible, most caring, most committed people carry out their profession and help countless people into a new home.

What I found most interesting over the years is that their success was never the result of methods of manipulation, deception, or false promises. It was always about knowing what to do, and doing it over and over, all day, every day. It was about measuring their successes and their shortfalls, repeating what they did well and improving where it was needed. Watching these folks with admiration, I fully recognize that selling is a skill, but I also realized that success typically requires more discipline that it does skill.

The bottom line is this. If your career is helping people into a new home, you’re doing important work; never underestimate the value you bring to the people you serve daily. That having been said, the question you need to ask yourself is this: “Do I want to be as effective and as productive as I can be in my role as a professional housing consultant? Do I want to maximize my income so that I can provide a better life for those in my care? Do I want to help as many people as possible find their new home?” If the answer is a resounding YES, I invite you to follow me here and I will share with you the process that have made the top salespeople in our industry reach those levels of success.

This will not be a set of new closing techniques or clever things to say. I don’t include those. Top sales professionals don’t believe in them or use them. Instead, I will provide you with a 5-step sales process that is ethics driven. One that is based in irrefutable logic. One that has been proven. And one that you can believe will generate the result you know is possible.

As the new Executive Director of, our team of highly experienced industry professionals have but one singular calling… To help those that have the desire, achieve more.


About John Ace Underwood

John Ace Underwood has a very successful 30-year career in the manufactured and modular housing industry. As a manager for a single lot retailer in the southeast, he managed up to 9 salespeople with sales typically over 45 homes per month. John has also served as Vice President for multi-lot manufactured housing retailer in the southwest.
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