Fears, Doubts, Worries, Concerns and Obstacles

John Ace Underwood

Every salesperson exposed to any sales training program knows how to find their customer’s wants and needs. This is part of the critical interview process promoted by nearly all sales training programs. These are the reasons why customers would buy, and this is how the sales professional builds perceived value in the product. 

Many of the most experienced sales veterans often miss the reasons why a customer would NOT buy. We must realize that every customer has a good idea as to what they’re looking for in the home or community they’re looking for. 

They may have features or a floor plan in mind or be looking for a community that offers amenities such as a pool, clubhouse, etc. These are the features that will drive their decision.

We also have to realize that every customer also has fears, doubts, worries, concerns, and obstacles that would keep them from buying. They may have a concern about the energy efficiency of the home. They may doubt the constructional integrity of the homes. There may be some concerns about the safety of the community. 

Understand that unless these concerns are acknowledged, the buyer will likely continue to shop. It is best to ask your prospective buyer during the initial interview if they have any fears, doubts, worries, or concerns that would keep them from moving forward. Ask if they see anything that could prevent them from investing in their new home, such as selling their existing home, being locked into a lease, or any other issues.

As you proceed with your presentation, address their concerns to where they feel comfortable. Get their acknowledgment that you have adequately addressed their concerns and eliminated their worries. 

I promise you’ll be glad you did.


About John Ace Underwood

John Ace Underwood has a very successful 30-year career in the manufactured and modular housing industry. As a manager for a single lot retailer in the southeast, he managed up to 9 salespeople with sales typically over 45 homes per month. John has also served as Vice President for multi-lot manufactured housing retailer in the southwest.
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