John Ace Underwood

John ace underwood

Title: Trainer, Speaker, Author

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John Ace Underwood has a very successful 30-year career in the manufactured and modular housing industry. As a manager for a single lot retailer in the southeast, he managed up to 9 salespeople with sales typically over 45 homes per month. John has also served as Vice President for multi-lot manufactured housing retailer in the southwest.

As a sales development consultant, John has worked with retailers, communities and manufacturers all across the US and Canada to help implement highly effective and permanent sales and sales management systems.

A highly requested and recommended speaker at state and national events, his presentations include, but are not limited to the following topics:

  • “Selling in a Technology Driven World”
  • “The Power of Effective Follow-up”
  • “The First Step to being GREAT, is being MEMORABLE”.
  • “The 5 Functions of Effective Leadership”
  • “Drive BY, Drive IN, Drive THROUGH; Community Onsite Marketing
  • “Turning GREAT Community Mangers into EFFECTIVE Salespeople” 

A few years back, John realized that the world of multi-day training seminars at remote locations were trending down. In 2016, John launched MicroSeminars, a comprehensive sales and sales management online training program with over 150 x 15-minute or less videos your team can access anywhere at any time. 

John is also the author of Scratch Selling; 18 Lessons Golf will Teach you about Sales which is available now as a workshop and will be released as a full video program in the fall of 2020.

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​​​​​​​Come join us for a series of informational webinars designed to help you hit the ground running as we arise from weeks of quarantine. and in association with your local State Association Directors are presenting an educational series on the power of digital marketing in today’s quickly changing sales environment. This recurring web series will consist of seven webinars with industry experts Paul Barretto, John “Ace” Underwood, Rick Robinson, and Scott Stroud.