“Building the Future” Premier Reveals Construction Secrets

Chris Nicely

LearnMH had the opportunity to preview the eagerly anticipated docu-series, “From Book Work to Blueprints: A High School Class Builds a Modular Home”. The first episode debuts today, December 19. 

A group of Perry Central High School students in Indiana embarked on an extraordinary challenge—constructing a modular home inside their school, to be ultimately delivered to a deserving Habitat for Humanity recipient – who happens to work at Perry High School. This effort extends beyond the educational impact and is a deeply personal act of giving back from the school, its sponsors, and most importantly the students themselves.

This first episode, titled “Building the Future,” immerses viewers in the progressive programs of Perry Central, where students creatively transform their classroom into a modular home factory. This diversion from the norm shifts from a traditional skills class to a hands-on, practical education, with a purpose. This episode lays the foundation (pun intended) for a new educational experience, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and a purposeful outcome.

This multi-episode documentary will follow the transformative journey of vocational education, showcasing students learning construction skills while developing critical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving, responsibility, and a sense of purpose. It challenges the current thinking of modular construction, highlighting off-site construction’s efficiency, sustainability, and innovation in addressing modern housing requirements.

Perry Central’s project emerges as an example of how young minds, equipped with a mission and resources, can shift an educational paradigm and more deeply understand the state of current housing and one option to address the overwhelming housing needs. 

This inaugural episode marks the start of a life-changing experience, giving us all the opportunity to celebrate the remarkable achievements of students. Thanks to the dedication and innovation of the teachers and staff who spearheaded this initiative, the kids are gaining invaluable experience. They are not just recognizing needs and understanding options; they are actively building a brighter future for the students and the housing industry. The episode promises to illuminate the significance of modular and manufactured homes, showcasing their role in a sustainable, affordable, and innovative future. 

Click here to watch the first episode!


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