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STOP Losing the Sales You Could, and Should, Be Closing

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Listen, the hardest business to measure is the business you lose and the only way you can protect yourself from losing those sales you could and should be closing is to continually level up your skills.

Is it easy? NO, but hopefully you didn’t get into professional selling because someone told you it was easy. Like most things in life, it’s not all that difficult either… you just have to know what to do.

A lot of changes have taken place in the way people shop, think and buy and those changes have had a major impact on the way you have to sell. Technology alone has radically altered the way your consumers shop and the way they buy.

If you’re still using the same antiquated selling methodology we used only 10 years ago, you’re not only losing sales, but you’re actually doing things on purpose, that are undermining your sales success. The first step of learning what works, is to STOP doing what doesn’t work.

MicroSEMINARS is designed for those who see success as both a journey and a destination. It’s for those who are never satisfied with good enough and are always looking for their next challenge. MicroSEMINARS isn’t just a training company or a video content provider. We’re building a community, a community of driven and motivated sales professionals looking to get to the top, wherever it may be.

Success doesn't come from talent alone. Success requires infinitely more discipline than it does talent. To be consistently successful in any endeavor, you need a process, you need to be a student of that process, and you need the discipline and commitment to execute that process time and time again.

Success...It's your journey; allow me to help you.

John Ace Underwood
Founder, MicroSeminars

Latest Episodes

Training Program Content

Selling More Homes (101 - SMH)
20 Sessions

Duration: 12 Weeks (Breaks Included)

While this course is our introductory course for all sales professionals and managers in the manufactured housing industry, it is by no means a “beginner’s course”. In this initial seminar series, John Ace Underwood discusses the fundamentals of the sales process that has made people highly successful for years. However, it also introduces our students to some critical changes in human behavior and in consumer psychology which have had a monumental impact on how people think, how they shop, how they buy, and consequently, how we have to sell. Sales professionals that are still using tactics from as little as 8-10 years ago, many of which are still being taught today, are not only losing sales, but they are actually doing things, on purpose, that are undermining their sales success. This course will bring a professional housing consultant in the factory-built housing industry into the leading edge of selling systems in just a few weeks.

Pursuit Effectiveness Training (301 - PET)
16 Sessions

Duration: 10 Weeks (Breaks Included)

This program is all about follow-up best practices. JD Powers reported that the #1 Reason why people would buy from specific sales professionals is due to the quality of their follow-up, which we here at MicroSEMINARS refer to as Pursuit. This program will teach you how to follow-up with your prospects in the most effective and efficient manner.

Internet Effectiveness Training (302 - IET)
16 Sessions

Duration: 10 Weeks (Breaks Included)

We all recognize the Internet has had a monumental impact on our lives. This program is all about harnessing the internet to get the most prospects. Anyone can ACCESS the Internet; this program will teach you how to LEVERAGE the Internet to increase your sales.

The Psychology of Buying (401 - SM)
48 Sessions

Duration: 24 Weeks (Breaks Included)

In this program, you’re going to take an in-depth journey in the mind of a buyer. You will learn what determines not only IF people will buy, but also WHAT people will buy, WHOM they buy from, and WHEN they take immediate and decisive action. You will learn what makes people move forward with their decision and what makes them delay taking action. More importantly, you will learn how to move people to action and that is precisely what selling is all about.

Sales Leadership Development (501 - SLD)
16 Sessions

Duration: 10 Weeks (Breaks Included)

The question every leader has to ask themselves: Does my team perform better under my guidance than they would as individuals? It’s easy enough to answer with an enthusiastic YES, but how do you know? Can you prove that not only to them but to yourself? Great leaders are not measured by who they are or what they do; they are measured by what others become while under their care.

This program is all about leading a sales team. You will learn the difference between Leadership vs Management. You will learn to differentiate between sales ACTIVITIES and sales RESULTS. You will learn how to measure, manage and lead your sales team to achieve greater and greater levels of achievement.

Program Benefits

Marketing the Right Product

Your team must be doing off-site, as well as on-site marketing. Your ORGanization needs to have a highly-effective website that is marketing the RIGHT product mix which is extremely important for sales growth. Retailers need to ensure they're offering the correct mix of products, tiered price points, and a diverse mix of floor plans, ensuring that the business can capture as many leads as possible.

Attracting Prospects

Retailers need to ensure that they are fully utilizing both on-site and off-site marketing. Most importantly, retailers need to make sure they have an effective website, that has appropriate CTAs, and has the ability to not only capture leads, but to deliver leads to sales staff in real-time.

Follow Up

Lack of proper follow-up processes in a business is one of the key factors that holds a business back. Ensure that your team is following up with prospects that have not yet bought by utilizing pursuit management, and a CRM.


Ensure that the sales process that is implemented in the business is effective enough to convert enough prospects into buyers. Also, learn how to manage your sales activity to create an environment where salespeople are being held accountable, day in and day out.


Ensure that you are maximizing your profit, every step of the way throughout your business. One of the main purposes of this mastermind group is to ensure that your business is as profitable as it possibly can be for its stage.

Bonus Program Content


There are many training topics that do not need a full-blown multi-session seminar or program. Many of such topics can be addressed with just one well written and well-presented 10-15 minute video. That is exactly what MicroTOPICS are. Here are some sample topics:

  • How to answer the phone
  • How to schedule appointments
  • How to get people to return calls or emails
  • How to keep moving the prospect forward
  • How to get more referrals

Once enrolled in the Microseminars program, you will also have access to all MicroTOPICS and we are adding more every few weeks. Incidentally, if you have a MicroTOPICS subject you would be interested in, just let us know and we’ll get one done, get it out to you, and give you the credit. That’s all being part of our community.

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