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Mastermind Group

A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept, which can effectively be used to help group members solve problems with his or her business in an effort to improve processes, operations, sales, etc. Nothing is more powerful than a meeting with 10-15 other successful manufactured housing companies like yours, all who are committed to sharing best practices and insights to move your enterprise forward.

Joining MH20 Mastermind Group is the first step to pushing your business to the next level. Join John Ace Underwood, Ken Corbin, and other industry veterans to collaborate, and problem solve in an effort to make factory-built housing the home of the future. 

Take a look below at our Retailer Group Benefits, our Community Group Benefits, and our Membership Benefits!

The value of our group doesn't just come from the front of the room, but also the people sitting on either side of me and the conversations we have during, between and after our sessions.

Retail Benefits


Marketing the RIGHT product mix is extremely important for sales growth. Retailers need to ensure they're offering the correct mix of products, tiered price points, and a diverse mix of floor plans, ensuring that the business can capture as many leads as possible.


Retailers need to ensure that they are fully utilizing both on-site and off-site marketing. Most importantly, retailers need to make sure they have an effective website, that has appropriate CTAs, and has the ability to not only capture leads, but to deliver leads to sales staff in real-time.


Ensure that the sales process that is implemented in the business is effective enough to convert enough prospects into buyers. Also, learn how to manage your sales activity to create an environment where salespeople are being held accountable, day in and day out.


Lack of proper follow-up processes in a business is one of the key factors that holds a business back. Ensure that your team is following up with prospects that have not yet bought by utilizing pursuit management, and a CRM.


Ensure that you are maximizing your profit, every step of the way throughout your business. One of the main purposes of this mastermind group is to ensure that your business is as profitable as it possibly can be for its stage.



Your team must be doing off-site, as well as on-site marketing. Your Community needs to have a highly-effective website that allows you to capture as many leads as possible.


Let's make sure we turn great Community Managers into HIGHLY EFFECTIVE salespeople. Your mangers should be your top sales people, month after month. Ensuring that your Community Mangers are properly trained to sell your product is key.


Community owners need to make sure that they are maximizing occupancy by giving potential tenants a reason to live in their community. Choosing to move to a community is a large decision, and owners need to ensure their prospects are enthralled by what the community has to offer.


Managing the processes and operations of an entire community can be a daunting task. Ensure that your community is managed properly, translating to happier residents.


Building your Community value is one of the best ways to increase profit. You want to make sure that your Community is worth what it should be.

Member Benefits

2 Annual 2-Day Conferences
Monthly coaching calls with John Ace Underwood and Ken Corbin
John Ace Underwood's MicroSEMINARS "Selling More Homes" Online video series

Ken Corbin's audio book "Selling the American Dream of Homeownership"

Ken Corbin's "Growing Your Business" series